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3 Easy Steps To Arrange A Free Workplace Consultation

We at Complete Group offer free no obligation workplace consultations. whether it be at our showroom or in your work place. We like to offer this service because we feel a face to face consultation is the best way to get to know your needs and what we can do to resolve any issues you may have. These normally include seating advise and workstation usage information. This will take approximately 15 minutes and we will leave you with a detailed summary.

Please contact us for a full information pack or complete the 3 easy steps below to arrange a no obligation meeting.

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Choose a convenient date to you that you would like us to arrange a consultation and we will confirm by return.

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Location and Other Details

Please confirm you contact information and let us know any extra details you think we may need. Availability and location of consultation may have to be discussed so please leave your telephone contact number.

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