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Guys Install New Kitchen In The Warehouse

Our Team of fitters, painters, & plasterers have decided a new kitchen is well overdue and have installed a brand new kitchen in the warehouse, this will make it easier for them to clean brushes, tools etc without the need of cleaning within the main kitchen. Kitchen was made from various components through out the warehouse? What do you think..

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Complete Group Takes 2nd Place @Business Challenge 2014

Complete Group are proud to announce that we scooped 2nd Price at the Maplesden Noaks School Business Challenge 2014. Our team of 5 sixteen to seventeen Year old Students worked very hard with the project and won a total of £500 Between the five of them. The Team did not expect to win, they where very shocked to scoop the prize and we hope this has given them a well deserved boost for their future careers.

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The Maplesden Noakes School Business Challenge 2014

This year we took part in the 2014 Maplesden Noaks Business Challenge, we have taken part for the last 3 years helping students develop skills, preparing them for their next move into the big world of work. This year we was given a team of 7 Media students who where set the challenge by ourselves to develop a video for our website best describing what we do in 60 seconds. Do you want to see what they produced for us?

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Capturing Complete Group In HD

Here at Complete Group we are always walking around with our cameras, we even like to take a couple of action shots from time to time, catching people in the Zone, and as you can see it creates some great images. We have taking photos in all different areas, from our office, Warehouse and even job we are working on. Why not check out our photo gallery.

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Barry Made A Friend On One Of Our Latest Projects!

We had just finished one of our latest projects in Worthing, West Sussex when Barry stumbled across a little friend under our work vans just before we left. In fact there where several under the van but this little Chap needed a little help as he had just fled the nest. We decided to pick him up and put him somewhere safer. Seconds later he flew off into a bush and we didn't see him again. Check out some of the pictures we caught of this little chap.

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