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About us

About the Complete Group

Complete Group was started in 1989 as a partnership and became one of Gresham’s first dealers in the South East.

In 1994 the business expanded to Essex and became incorporated.

2004 saw the company expand into Office Refurbishment & Interior Design.

2007 marked the company relocation back to Maidstone, Kent the heart of it’s customer base. This was a result of being awarded many local contracts.

In 2008 Complete Office Furniture (UK) Ltd changed its trading name to ‘Complete Group’. This new trading style was to highlight the companies ability to provide communicative design combined with product supply and implementation.

What can we provide?

Complete Group can provide an Office interiors package to suite your exact requirements.

Our Office Design Services allow you to create images of proposed layouts prior to selecting the exact finish details. Our Showroom in Maidstone has a great selection of interior wall finishes, Flooring and ceilings. Combined with complimentary furniture and a customer mock up area, we are able to give you the very latest in design and value for money solutions.

The design service starts with a client visit to establish the proposed requirements. A design brief is taken and the fist stage of our Office design services will be to produce a draft layout along with initial ideas. These ideas are then discussed and refined usually producing further layouts until a sound base is reached. From this point, we will start to introduce all elements from our office interior specifications discussing wall layouts and furniture positioning. Depending on the size of the project and details involved, a full fire safety assessment will be carried out to make sure any proposed plans will meet the current fire regulations. This is important as prior to starting and completion the local fire officer will be required to visit and provide certification for any changes made.

Office interiors differ from project to project so it is impossible to correctly calculate costs without first checking the site dimensions.

The initial plan will be produced using AutoCAD which is the standard planning software used in the office interiors industry. Following on from these, plans that are more detailed will be produced and once an agreed layout is reached, a three-dimensional layout is produced. With this 3D layout, we are able to introduce flooring and wall colours and detail doors windows to their exact design. Once this is completed, the furniture style colour is added giving a very life like visual of the proposed design. This can then be fine-tuned with the client on site until the exact specification is reached.

We believe our Office Design Services are one of the best ways of making sure that you the client achieves their maximum design requirements d.

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We have an incredibly tight team, with people serving very different roles that look to complement each other to meet our own and our clients requirements. We have pictures and more information on each member of our team by clicking 'Meet the team'.


AIS Membership

AIS is the 'Association of Interior Specialist' pride themselves on only selecting members of the highest quality. To gain AIS membership we had to undergo strict vetting, all to ensure our customers of our extremely high quality of work. We passed and continue to meet the strict AIS membership guidelines with excellence, which are:

  • Quality
  • High Standards
  • Environmental Commitment
  • Support
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Training and Development

STEM - Steps To Environmental Management

To gain a STEM certification a business must have top management support for their environmental programme and has carried out a baseline assessment of their current situation. A business will complete the following steps:
  1. Data Collection
  2. Management Commitment - Top management ensures that the correct resources and changes are made within the organisation to maximise improvements in environmental performance.
  3. Baseline Assessment
  4. Significant Environmental Impacts - Establishes what is going within the organisation from an environmental perspective.
  5. Draft Environmental Policy - Having assessed the above, a mission statement for the organisation outlining environmental principles is drafted. Its aim is to set out and communicate key environmental commitments to all stakeholders.

We are very proud to announce our achievement in gaining the STEM qualification and will continue to do everything we can to manage our carbon footprint.